New Zealand mineral water is a highly sought after premium product. New Zealand is an isolated, pristine source with an appealing image that portrays youth, health and natural wellness.

Quality standards and credibility of New Zealand products are recognised by consumers as being among the best in the world, we work hard to ensure that our production and service upholds these high standards of excellence.

New Zealand mineral water is a unique combination of essential minerals and taste originating from deep aquifers and underground streams. The high silica content and smooth taste is appealing to consumers seeking a more healthy and natural alternative to manufactured waters.

New Zealand is also a famous sporting nation, it has one of the highest gold medal counts in history relative to population and is well known for its world champion rugby team. On this basis New Zealand water is well suited to the sports drinks category.

The Japan KIWI PURE brand is supplied from the famous Blue Spring, this source is world renowned for its crystal clear water and purity. The Blue Spring facility is world class and produces KIWI PURE in 500ml and 1.5L PET bottles.