True Aqua Bulk is a complete bulk water systems manager with experience in physical shipments and bottling of bulk New Zealand mineral water in the Northern Hemisphere.

The transportation of quality mineral water in bulk is applicable to the production and sale of value added products that require water as a base ingredient, and bottled or dispenser water in the upper end category. The key advantage is the potential to reduce costs through greater freight efficiency and lower production costs.

New Zealand water is very suitable for value added products due to the high silica content and marketability. True Aqua Bulk conducted trials with alcohol, tea and sports drinks manufacturers, with results showing that the unique structure of Kauri Springs water noticeably improved the taste and appeal of beverage products produced in these and other categories.

True Aqua Bulk is a joint venture between True Aqua Limited and Braid Logistics. Braid is a well known international market leader in bulk liquid logistics. The True Aqua Bulk combined network, door to door delivery service, technical knowledge, customer support and mineral water industry knowledge is undoubtedly the international leader in bulk mineral water systems.

True Aqua Bulk is now commercializing the concept, capitalizing on this solid base to launch international bulk mineral water operations. For potential customers and partners, the secure access to bulk mineral water, with the added sales, technical and logistics support of True Aqua Bulk is an unparalleled opportunity in the quality water industry.

The first physical bulk water shipment leaving New Zealand for Japan


The bulk shipment of mineral water is an involved process. True Aqua Bulk coordinates control of all QA / QC procedures from extraction to discharge of the water destinations plants. Our staff and plant managers on both sides must conduct detailed planning and consideration prior to commencing shipments, production and sales.

Bulk water operations vary in each region, with factors such as government regulations, health authority requirements, local quality control measures and sales all requiring careful consideration. True Aqua Bulk provides solutions in all these areas with complete management and support at every level.

Please do feel free contact us to discuss bulk water systems. True Aqua Bulk is one of the only organizations internationally to be practically applying this concept.

Water plants and manufacturers of products which required water are welcome to join the growing True Aqua Bulk network, now is a good time to become the primary bulk water processing plant in your region.