True Aqua Bulk is an industry leader in the global logistics, transport and sale of mineral water in bulk. With infrastructure and offices established on all five continents True Aqua Bulk is strongly positioned to provide the best in service, support and quality control.

True Aqua Bulk water systems are a cost cutting solution to producing premium bottled water and value added products in local markets. Quality mineral water is in high demand, and it notably improves the taste, appeal and marketability of a range of products that require water.

The composition of tea, spirits and other beverages all rely on water as a base ingredient. True Aqua Bulk has validated the significant difference New Zealand mineral water makes with leading bourbon, tea and sports drink manufacturers.

For regions where drinking water is becoming an issue, the import of bulk mineral water is an attractive alternative to desalinization or other forms of purification. True Aqua Bulk works with manufacturers in the development and operational management required to create a bulk to bottled mineral water product, appealing to the more profitable higher end market.

True Aqua Bulk in country support extends to the following fundamental areas;

  • Brand and product development best suited to each market, assistance in strategic planning focused on the mineral water category and long term support in bringing the final product to market.
  •  Complete technical and logistics support, from water processing to handling of tanks. True Aqua Bulk technology and systems have been developed specifically for the processing and transportation of mineral water.
  • Further business development opportunities with an established relationship in the world’s largest bulk liquid shipping organization.

True Aqua Bulk was formed following successful R & D into the commercialization of bulk water shipments. Development involved the combined logistical, technical, administrative, cultural and management expertise of a specialist group of companies facilitated by True Aqua.

The first bulk container of New Zealand mineral water was successfully bottled in Japan, meeting all safety standards. This landmark shipment was critical to identify and overcome fundamental issues faced in the bulk water process.