New Zealand mineral water bottled at source is a premium product, therefore is best positioned in the upper end category. Due to the appeal and taste of New Zealand mineral water it performs well and is a competitive addition to any product range.

Direct orders from New Zealand are in a range of bottle sizes and styles;

  • 350mls 
  • 500mls
  • 750mls
  • 1500mls



  • 5 LITER
  • 10 LITER

Glass is also available in various sizes.

True Aqua is distributing New Zealand mineral water directly to market in several regions now and can assure potential customers that our experience and established infrastructure is an added advantage, saving customers time, costs and risks associated with the mineral water category.

Direct customer service is available through offices in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and Auckland.

True Aqua New Zealand mineral water holds all relevant certifications and analysis reports to ensure quality, conducted through the following organizations;

  • ESR New Zealand
  • New Zealand ministry of health
  • Hong Kong standards and testing center Ltd.
  • MWH Laboratories Los Angeles
  • Hills Laboratories New Zealand
  • NZFSA, NZJBA, FDA, HACCP, ISO 9001:2000
  • Japanese ministry of health
  • ISI India
  • KKM Malaysia
  • China ministry of health
  • Other local health organizations and authorities

We recommend you commence your first purchase with one of our existing brands. We have no MOQ for new distributors and are flexible in the interests of building long term presence in new markets.

Read more about our bottling process here or please contact us directly if you have any questions about how we produce and export our water.